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Introduction to the Mediation Center

Updated: December 27, 2022

International Commercial Mediation Center for Belt and Road Initiative (the Mediation Center), which was approved by Beijing Law Society and registered in Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) under the administration of Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for Belt and Road Initiative (the Service Center).The Judicial Reform Office of the Supreme Court designated the Service Center as the organization for the sub-topic of the project of alternative dispute resolution mechanism reform.

The purpose of the Mediation Center is to help the disputing parties solve their disputes in the international business under the Belt and Road Initiative through alternative dispute resolution(ADR) such as mediation. The roles of the Mediation Center include: (1) appoint qualified mediators; (2) provide training for the mediators; (3) provide the related government, enterprises and other commercial organizations or individuals with mediation service for the dispute resolution under the International Commercial Mediation Rules under Belt and Road Initiative; (4) promote the culture of harmony, mutual benefit and equality .among commercial subjects of the B&R through online and off-line mediation, and thereby building good order of the economy; and (5) cooperate with governments, judicial authorities, national mediation and arbitration organizations of the countries or areas along or related to the B&R to support the development of the international commercial mediation practice as well as the connection with other legal procedures including the connection of litigation and mediation, the recognition and enforcement of the mediation settlement agreement.

The Mediation Center operates within the framework of the International Commercial Mediation Rules under Belt and Road Initiative in the principle of public benefit, neutrality and professionalism. The mediators, as moderators of the mediation of the disputes, shall maintain neutral, avoid interest conflict, keep impartial, balance the interests of all parties involved, and provide the solution proposals based on the facts of the disputes. All the mediators of the Mediation Center are qualified with profound research and practice experiences, received strict professional training for mediation, and shall practice their mediation according to strict management rules and high mediation standard.

The online system of the Mediation Center is a platform integrating the internet supporting technologies of application for mediation, appointment of mediators, mediation process and production of mediation integration, online mediation, and the connection of litigation and mediation. It is online dispute mediation documents together with the functions of introduction of mediation rules, case studies, mediation resource system of integration and share of all resources. The Mediation Center makes regular certification and training to the registered mediators, takes normal entry and exit mechanism for the mediators, organizes mediators to make special studies, promote the communication among mediator, and improve the professional capability of the mediators.


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