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Chen Fuyong

Updated: May 22, 2023

Chen Fuyong

Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Arbitration Commission and the Beijing International Arbitration Center, and vice-president of the Asia-Pacific Regional Arbitration Group (APRAG) Conference

The Beijing International Commercial Court (BICC) is an important part of the country's plan for improving foreign-related rule of law and a pragmatic measure to improve the business environment. As a front-line arbitration institution, we truly understand the importance of judicial review.

I would like to propose four suggestions on the high-level construction of the BICC. First, it is advisable that the construction experience of the BICC be given a higher-level of attention, be summarized, publicized and even imitated on a larger scale. It is not only valuable for foreign-related trials throughout the country, but also for domestic trials. Domestic parties also hope to enjoy high-level judicial services and to feel fairness and justice just like foreign parties, and the service level for the people should truly be brought to the international level. At the same time, we hope that judges can participate more in the relevant policy formulation of the Supreme People’s Court and legislation in the arbitration field, contributing wisdom from the front line. Second, typical cases should be released in a timely manner, with efforts to release the case whenever it is ready and summarize all the cases at the end of the year, to allow the court to fully play its guiding role in front-line issue and dispute resolution. Third, in terms of foreign affairs reception, the court should increase its contact and communication with foreign lawyers and institutions, allowing them to truly feel the progress of all aspects of the BICC. Fourth, we hope that judges will have more opportunities for internal communication with the Beijing Arbitration Commission to enhance interaction between litigation and arbitration and jointly create a case management system with international competitiveness.


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