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Liu Jingdong

Updated: May 22, 2023

Liu Jingdong

Director of the International Economic Law Office, Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and vice-president of China Academy of Arbitration Law

First of all, Congratulations to Beijing No. 4 Intermediate People's Court, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China University of Political Science and Law, whose Study on the Application of International Treaties in the Context of Adhering to the Coordinated Promotion of the Domestic and Foreign-related Rule of Law, held by the Supreme People's Court (the SPC), was concluded successfully and awarded as an excellent research achievement by the SPC. This study puts forward many valuable opinions and suggestions by making close combination between the theories and practice in the regard of international law.

Furthermore, I would like to propose three suggestions on the construction of a high-level Beijing International Commercial Court (the BICC). First, the conception of international law should be established and held. The BICC and its judges should keep abreast of the development of cutting-edge theories and practices of international law by enhancing communication and exchanges with the international arbitration community and the international legal community, and develop China's judicial discourse power in the field of international commercial trial through its judges' delivering their speeches and publishing their professional papers. Second, high-quality foreign-related cases should be fostered and publicized. Efforts should be made to foster typical cases that incorporate modern judicial conceptions and to publicize China’s advanced judicial rules in the language of international law and in an internationally recognized way. Third, the cultivation of foreign-related legal talents should be strengthened. Talents competent for international commercial trials are required to master knowledge in various fields simultaneously, such as the knowledge of foreign languages, international law and international arbitration and so on. It is advisable to cultivate talents as soon as possible by the way of having them receive training abroad and attend international conferences and the like. Practical measures should also be taken to retain them.


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